Hannover Fair - 2019


Moair carefully selects each component and accurately calculates the energy efficiency of the machine to ensure the stability of its products while maintaining the innovative spirit and continuous development.


We work strictly following the quality management system ISO 9001 and the requirements of the environmental management system ISO 14001. Moair ensures that each manufactured product meets the energy efficiency standard.


Reduces power consumption by an additional 15% over existing Vsds. These compressors with their specially designed screw profile, direct drive system and pioneering   in-house permanent magnet motor can achieve energy savings of up to 46% compared with older technology compressors.


Moair has been assembling these in-house motors for more than 10 years, along with the screws. We specialize in the manufacture of VSD compressors with permanent magnet motor, direct transmission, constant pressure ranges, medium pressure, low pressure, oil-free, air or water cooling.

This year, the world’s most prestigious and leading brands are introducing the permanent magnet motor system, which reduces energy consumption by 15% more than the existing VSD.

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Large stock of machines from 6 to 13 bar.


    Our products lead the new trends in energy conservation and environmental protection and are widely used in a large variety of industries.


    Machineries of light industry, textile, food, oil industry, chemical, metallurgical, mining, electrical, construction, urban planning, medical research, defense research, etc.


Hannover 2019

Over the last ten years we have attended different fairs at international level and also obtained different national and international awards and recognitions:


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The availability, quality and maintenance of your equipment have a direct effect on the performance of your production and eventually on your economic results. Irregular, insufficient or unprofessional maintenance can lead to very costly breakdowns, which in turn can cause long stoppages, resulting in loss of production.

Depending on your needs, we can offer you a range of options, from spare parts delivery, call service or even a customized maintenance plan for your machines, which may include regular regulatory checks.

No matter where you are we can also provide you with the necessary technical and human support in order to guarantee an agile and effective response in case of repairs including start-up, adjustments, etc.


Guaranteed quality


Original Parts


    The economical maintenance of these machines allows savings of up to 60% compared to those of renowned brands where the brand is first.


Control of a large number of configurable variables quickly and easily

This controller allows monitoring and controlling the settings to optimize the operation of the compressor and reach maximum energy efficiency for each specific application.

– Real-time monitoring of machine parameters (consumption, power, pressure, etc.)

– Maintenance advance notice

– Anomaly records, stops and causes

– Controller able to handle as master the operation of other 16 compressors as slaves with endless possibilities

-Configurable time and day interval start-up and stop

– Automatic restart of the compressor due to external problems such as power cuts, voltage drop/rise, etc.



     Part of the electrical energy consumed by a compressor in a compressed air installation is converted into heat, so our machines are designed to take advantage of this energy and use it on the company’s air conditioning.


     We are pioneers in a belt-free transmission system with no couplings and no gears, where the same shaft of the permanent magnet motor is one of the helical elements, thus reaching greater efficiency and low sound level.


    For maintenance purposes the compressor has a soundproofed enclosure totally accessible from all angles, with convenient doors to access the inner part. In addition to that it has long lasting easy to clean filtering elements that allow to keep the inside of the machine clean. This guarantees the correct functioning of the air suction filter ensuring the proper operation of the machine.

What our clients say about us?

We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and during the three years working together we have never had an incidence with this brand of compressors. They are reliable and very quiet compared to those we had before and also a great energy saving.

For those of us who are interested in figures, we do appreciate that the tools we work with don’t cause problems, allow more energy savings than others and have a technical service that offers a quick response when you need it.

This brand has improved our expectations.

We are very happy. Since we have been working with this brand we have never had any downtime in production. The saving energy compared to the previous compressor is remarkable.

The technical service is flexible to carry out maintenance at times that do not stop production, with significant price savings.


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